Audience Reviews

"Historical moments, musical events, certain performances. Those times when you realize "you were there" as something both ethereal and magnificent occurred. Walking the dogs this morning as the sun rose, realizing that last night's world premiere of Pants On Fire was indeed one of those moments. Sam Pond's exquisitely timed, exceedingly well-cast staged reading combined wonderfully absurd and human characters with timeless themes of lust, greed, well-timed slapstick and advertising. When you get a chance, see it."  - JE

"They say Sam's the funniest man in the Bay Area. Well, I took this as an exaggeration, because that's a pretty big title to have. Well, after seeing Pants On Fire, in all honesty, it was more of an understatement than an exaggeration. I am a thousand times thankful that I went to see this. I enjoyed every single second of it. Pants On Fire is brilliantly written and, from a standpoint of analysis, your themes, obstacles, objectives and relationships are perfectly on point."  - NR

"I thought it would be funny. I didn't think it would be that funny. It's that funny. Starting with its totally unexpected storyline. This play deserves to be fully produced. Great characters. Great dialogue. You know how good something like this is when you walk away wishing you'd written it."   - GB

"There is a special delivery of commentary through comedy. Sam Pond’s Pants On Fire satisfies this brilliantly. I sat back and enjoyed the fantastically crafted story, well-written banter, quick-witted jokes a mile a minute, intricate character relationships all within a beautiful throwback to a time of slapstick situational zany comedies that make you simply laugh. For the sake of laughing. The hidden intelligence of the piece hits you later, provoking thoughts of modern angst, the havoc capitalism wreaks, and the comic tragedy of the frail human ego striving for love. If you love to be entertained, laugh uncontrollably then think about important stuff… you’ve found your show." - LM

"What Mad Men is to drama and the advertising business, Pants On Fire is to comedy and the advertising business. Humor is at its best when the jokes hit the target of real life in the center of the bull’s eye. The jokes and commentary in Sam Pond’s, Pants On Fire does just that and while watching the show I both laughed and cringed inwardly at the truth in the jest. If you get a chance, I highly recommend the show. Even if you’re not in the advertising business, the themes of business, greed, lust and silliness have universal appeal." - DH

"This play had me laughing the entire time. I was consistently surprised by what antic the characters were going to do next. Watching all eight characters sneak, plot, and fight for the things that they want has never been as humorous as it is in Pants On Fire. I remember walking home from the reading; wishing to see it again and laughing at even the smallest things that I remembered."  - NF

"If Pants On Fire could be this funny, insightful, unpredictable, well-performed, and captivating with nothing but music stands and an inflatable sheep, I can't wait to see it rigged up all proper-like."  - CN

"A BIG congratulations to Sam Pond on his wonderful production of his play, Pants On Fire.. Well written. Beautifully directed. Exceedingly well acted. Thank you for a delightful evening of theatre."  - TR