Hal Noble: 65, founder of Noble Advertising, an American advertising icon. Arrogant, intimidating, frequently drunk. A one-floor elevator ride with the man can feel like an eternity. Likes to shoot wild animals.    

Heather: 24, executive receptionist, a dark-haired beauty, in over her head and eager to please.

Simone Flax: 50, agency president. upper-crusty British accent. Neurotically unethical, terrified of aging, desperate to hang on to whatever power she has.

Jack Metcalf: 55, head of accounts. Squat, powerful, ruddy skin and a bad haircut. Exuberant, not the brightest bulb. Jack slaps people on the back too hard. 

Lia Shakespeare: 35, agency creative director. Attractive, dramatic, sarcastic and needier than she could possibly know. 

Ricky Flax: 25, Simone's son, inept, childish and naive. A pure soul with an odd British accent.

Mindy Fong:  45, media director. Asian-American, bespectacled, lives in beige winter coat. She is in every meeting and nobody sees her. Unknown to them all, her alter-ego is a vicious and imperious dragon lady. 

Byron Simpkins: 45, a corporate beancounter from Feng Hua Enterprises. A straight shooter, humorless, literal to the extreme. Well, at first.